7th Grade Reflection

Wow. The school year has gone by so fast. I had so many expectations that were actually not true! I thought the teachers would be harsher on us than in 6th grade, there would be much more homework, and the friend groups would be different.
After a few weeks I realized that the teachers were not so bad and we didn’t have that much homework… it was more than we had but not as much as I had expected. As for the groups of girls they have separated and instead of one giant group the girls have found what group they should be in!
I have learned so many things in 7th grade!
~ All of the body systems in science! I actually enjoyed science this year! I thought it was so cool to actually know how your body functions! It is ridiculous how many elements it takes just to digest food!
~ Drama is way to over rated. Girls get mad at the stupidest things!  I am a girl and I do admit that we get into drama hate each other for a week and then we become best friends all over again!
~ Some people are different from what you think. Once you get to know someone they can really be different from what you may have thought from their looks or what other people have said about them. Its just like the saying “ don’t judge a book by its cover”
The year is ending and I do have some expectations for next year… we shall see how that turns out! If I had to do it all over again I would try not to get into girl drama! For next years 7th graders, the only advice I have is do your homework and try your hardest to do well in school and be yourself!


Leadership is important because without someone to guide you, your life would be completely different. You could be a leader, your parents are leaders, and probably some of your friends are leaders too! What a leader is to me is someone who guides others and gives advice.
My mother is a leader. She has helped me through so many problems and has taken senarieos from when she was my age and has told me what she had done and what other girls did and what not to do when you are in drama.
There are also people that are leaders that take on the role of controlling a group project. They map out what steps and things each person needs to do so that then the project will become a lot easier for everyone. There is always someone who steps up and guides everyone.
Someone that isn’t a leader is when they don’t do anything or say anything and just watch. These people don’t have any leadership and they don’t take on any tasks or help anyone else. Leadership is very important, mostly everyone has some leadership. You may be a leader without even knowing it!

Student Blogging Challenge Week 6: Poem

This is my original poem that I wrote when I was 6 years old! I hope that you enjoy it!

God to heaven

heaven to God

return to heaven

peace and mercy

I wrote this because God and heaven go together. God returns to heaven with peace and mercy. The whole piece together means God is heaven and heaven is God. Peace and mercy is everything is perfect and forgiven. There is no hate and everything is just the way it should be. In heaven there is peace and mercy. There are many different meanings in what this poem could mean but this is what it means to me and why I wrote it.

Challenge Week 4&5: Media and a Memory

When I was little, I just couldn’t do without my Cinderella movie. I watched it at least 2 times a week and I basically knew each and every quote in the movie. I loved the movie so much that I would dress up like Cinderella and sometimes I would have my mom reenact the scenes… I was of corse Cinderella, and she was the prince!
It was the most interesting movie to me at the time because there was singing, dancing, PRETTY DRESSES!!!!! I thought it was the best movie because of all the cool things! It had so many details, but the only thing that I didn’t like was the evil step mother because I thought she was creepy!
While I watched it I always pretended that I was a princess! I would put on my princess dresses and get a wand out and I would sing along! I couldn’t live without that movie at the time, and now I have grown out of it and I probably haven’t seen it in at least a year!
Without it I wouldn’t have had the same childhood. It made me aspire to something and made my imagination grow!

Challenge Week #2: Rudy’s

Rudy’s is the best bar-b-que in Texas. The food is amazing, the atmosphere is fun, and it is a great place to be with people!

Walking in you see all of the posters– then you go through the line and there is a “cutting cam” and it shows people preparing the food! You get to the counter and order the food you want. It is prepared fresh and they show you it and ask “does this look good?” Of corse it always looks AMAZING!!! There are all sorts of different options: The juicy brisket, the ribs (my personal favorite), the spicy sausage, turkey, the list goes on!

Going over to the the tables they have the plastic “picnic” table cloths on them.  You get the “plates”, which are just sheets of paper with a plastic coating–so it adds to the experience. The signature Rudy’s Sauce is a spicy BBQ sauce that has the perfect amount of flavor. Looking around there is this “I have clean hands” machine that you put you hands in and it washes your hands!!! You stick your hands in it and the water spins around and washes your hands in like 20 seconds!!! Once you finish you get a sticker that says “I have clean hands”. This is actually a lot of fun to do!

Waiting to get your order you smell all of the meat cooking, which just makes you even more hungry! The orders are getting called and then your order is called. Picking up the black plastic bin you dig into it… and EAT! The meat melts in your mouth as you eat, and eat until your stomach cannot take any more food. 

Rudy’s is awesome. It is a must to go to if you are ever in Texas! You will wish that you had a Rudy’s where you live once you taste the food!


The Phantom’s Lair

Freshwater lakes
Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley via Compfight

Gone. Dark. Cold.

How would he live his life like this? Lurking every where he goes, hiding his face so the world will never find him. His personality is a mirror image of his “lair.”

He lives in the darkness. Away from the world. He is in this bubble. No one can harm him when he is hiding his true identity. The mask covers him. Changes him. The lair is secluded from everyone else. Darkness is him. His lair reminds him of that.

His life is gone to everyone around him. Being below the opera house I bet he hasn’t seen daylight in a very long time. Ever since his childhood he felt like he had to change himself for others to like him. The decoration is as if no one had lived, everything is dead. The dimed ambiance, the hollowed soul, darkness surrounds him.

As you enter through the corridor you can see the old paintings, the sadness, everything is black. He has no color. No life in where he lives. The underground lake with the murky waters makes him have this feeling that he has to become someone who frightens others so people cannot see his true self.

The lair is him. The lair shows who he is. He is a hider.


Volleyball is….

Bump–set–spike–BOOM!!! Point! Volleyball, well it is very intense. It looks so easy when you watch it but really it is HARD! So this is about the time that I would tell you why it is so hard….

The focus that it takes to play is even harder than taking a quiz. You have to be 100%  focused the whole entire game. One tilt of the wrist and the ball could go a-wall. The angle of your body and hands all determines where the ball will go.

Position is key when you are on the court. If you are a middle blocker you have to be tall enough to reach above the net to block the other teams hits. Volleyball is all about the timing. The power– the speed– the thrill.

Volleyball is a difficult sport. It takes as much focus and agility as another sport does. Isn’t that why it is called a sport?:) You have to be strong to serve, powerful to spike, carful to set, and aligned to bump. All around Volleyball takes a lot of coordination. 

Choir Regionals

Choir regionals were super fun! I loved it! I have not heard other people from other schools sing next to me so I liked having that opportunity!

I met a ton of new people and it was a very good experience! I had never competed in a competition where I would have people from other schools make up the choir. I thought it was very interesting!

The music was sung very differently than how I thought everyone else would sing it. Some girls had a spinning voice and others had a pure voice. I was very interested in how the other girls had sung.

I hope that I could go next year to the regionals! I enjoyed it a lot!


Ok. So you have most likely seen Curling on TV like on the Olympics. When I first saw it I cracked up. They look ridiculous. But it is a very strategic sport. In my opinion I think it’s hilarious to watch people play the sport Curling. Here are some reasons why….

First of all, when they speak they don’t say words the just go “WHOA! WHOA!” and this is just one of the things I don’t understand. They have different ways of saying it, and they have different meanings. It’s like they created their own curling language. When it is a long whoa it usually means back off. When it is a short whoa it means slow down. This is just from what I have observed.

Also they have these sticks that they use to heat up the ice and this is what they use to direct the way that the rock goes and the speed of the rock. They have to use a lot of force to go back and forth quickly so that the rock goes where they want it to go.

One of the very odd things is their shoes and it is as if they almost look like they are sliding on the ice. Their shoes have some sort of white bottom that just allows them to slide. They don’t have skates on which I think is very odd. I would think that they would want traction to be able to get a sturdy grip to be able to push harder on the pole that they use.

All in all I think Curling is a really funny and focused game. It might be interesting to play it some day for fun but I don’t think that I will professionally Curl for a living.

Challenge Week 3: My Favorite Quote

Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. A smile. A world of optimism and hope. A ‘you can do it’ when things are tough.
– Richard M. DeVos

This quote inspires me because of the motivation. You always need someone there to give you a little push and tell you ‘you can do it’. I feel like when you are down you can go to that one person and they help you through it.

My mom is one of these people. She has helped me through the drama at school, sickness and much more. She has been through the same exact things as me so she knows exactly what to tell me to do.

Another person is one of my best friends. She just tells me ” they aren’t worth it if they make you hurt.” She doesn’t go to my school but we have been best friends since 1st grade. We have never gotten in a fight and that’s why I think we are such close friends!

I love the people who help me. And if you have someone there for you it makes your life a lot easier!